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Cough Assists in the Secretion Management of Respiratory Diseases

The management of respiratory disease often involves several challenges, of which secretion management is one of the most significant. This article will highlight effective secretion management and the role of mechanical cough assist devices in this process.

1. Respiratory diseases and their impact on secretion management

Respiratory diseases, such as chronic lung disease or acute bronchitis, often lead to increased secretion production. This can cause breathing problems and increase the risk of infections. Effective secretion management is therefore crucial to increase patient comfort and prevent health complications.

2. Mechanical cough assists for effective secretion management

Mechanical cough assist devices play an important role in the effective management of secretions in respiratory diseases. These devices help loosen and remove secretions from the airways, making breathing easier and reducing the risk of further infection.

There are a variety of devices on the market that use different approaches to secretion removal. Some examples include:

  • BiWaze Cough

  • Cough Assist E70

  • Nippy Clearway 2

3. Functionality and advantages of mechanical cough assists

Mechanical cough assists work by delivering a high flow of air to the lungs and then suddenly reversing the flow. This simulates a strong burst of coughing that helps clear secretions from the airways. They are therefore important tools for secretion management in respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis.

The benefits of mechanical cough assist devices are many. They are non-invasive and can therefore be used easily and conveniently at home. In addition, they can help improve lung capacity by helping to clear secretions from the airways and facilitating breathing.

4. Oscillation and it's benefits in secretion management

A key mechanism used in some mechanical cough assists is oscillation. Oscillation generates high-frequency vibrations that act on the bronchial system to loosen secretions by liquefying them and making them transportable.

Oscillation can be very helpful, especially for patients with heavy secretions. It can support secretion clearance and reduce the risk of secretion retention, which is particularly beneficial for patients with chronic lung disease.

5. Conclusion: Effective secretion management in respiratory diseases

Effective secretion management is a crucial aspect in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Mechanical cough assists, especially those that use oscillation, can make a significant contribution to improving patients' quality of life.


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