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Simple on each finger.


The CIRCUL sleep tracker ring was developed with one very specific thought in mind. It should be easy to wear. To be able to implement this thought in the best possible way, we focused on ergonomics, flexibility and weight. 



CIRCUL is not classic round. It is adapted to the somewhat oval shape of the finger and therefore provides a better and more comfortable grip than a classic round.



The CIRCUL sleep tracker ring weighs only 9.0 grams. This low weight is hardly noticeable on the finger and is thus not disturbing even during sleep. 



The ring case automatically adjusts in size to fit any finger, making it even more comfortable to wear - day or night, warm or cold.

Continuous measurement.

Our vital signs are continuously fluctuating. So they don't hold one value for several hours, much less a whole day. Until now, we have often relied on snapshots. Be it blood pressure, pulse or oxygen saturation. However, every snapshot of our vital signs carries the risk of getting the wrong picture.

By means of a continuous measurement, this risk can be avoided. We can detect any fluctuation and determine a meaningful trend of the values. Especially for sleep analysis this offers an enormous added value.

The figure shows a measurement of the CIRCUL ring. The orange dots represent a snapshot.  



If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us or visit our commercial website.

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