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BiWaze Cough - A Breath of Fresh Care for Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory therapy has a new champion: the BiWaze Cough System. Developed by ABM Respiratory Care, this innovative device is a groundbreaking solution for enhancing respiratory therapy and increasing patient comfort.


Introducing BiWaze Cough

The BiWaze Cough System is a respiratory therapy device that combines multiple therapies to break up and remove mucus from the lungs. It uses high-frequency oscillation, lung expansion, and assisted cough therapies to increase patient comfort. The system is intelligently designed to be hygienic and intuitive, with a large touchscreen and simplified menu navigation. It provides a non-invasive solution to clear secretions from the upper airways and has two blowers to separate inhalation and exhalation airflow to prevent contamination.

Mechanically Induced Expiration (MIE) therapy is a common respiratory therapy for patients with an ineffective cough due to muscle weakness or lung disease. The therapy involves using a device to simulate a cough cycle, which can be combined with High Frequency Oscillations (HFO) to enhance lung volume and improve cough efficiency. However, there is limited clinical evidence to support the efficacy of MIE therapy with HFO for airway clearance.

The BiWaze Cough System has a unique two-blower design to separate inhaled and exhaled airflow. Disconnecting patients from mechanical ventilation to receive MIE therapy can result in acute lung deflation and other negative effects. The BiWaze Cough System addresses this issue with its innovative design and advanced technology.

BiWaze Cough compared

Now, let's compare the BiWaze Cough System to a common Cough Assist. According to a bench study evaluation, the BiWaze Cough showed greater Peak Cough Flow (PCF) and lower Peak Inspiratory Flow (PIF) that resulted in higher flow acceleration and ΔPCF-PIF compared to the other Cough Assists at identical MIE therapy settings. The BiWaze Cough’s High Frequency Oscillations (HFO) feature controlled by the dual blower system resulted in greater lung transmission of pressure and flow than with a single blower system of a regular Cough Assist.

The BiWaze Cough System also has a feature called PAP on Pause, which is not found in the most of other Cough Assist devices. This feature applies a positive pressure during the pause or 'rest' phase between insufflation and exsufflation, preventing lung volume loss and derecruitment. This could have a profound impact on patient stabilization and ability to tolerate MIE therapy following disconnection from positive pressure or suctioning or reducing airway collapse when using high Expiratory Pressure (EP) with MIE therapy.

Is BiWaze Cough better? Our conclusion

In summary, the BiWaze Cough System is a significant advancement in respiratory therapy. It combines multiple therapies to increase patient comfort and improve airway clearance. With its intelligent, hygienic, and intuitive design, the BiWaze Cough System is a breath of fresh care for respiratory therapy.

You can find more information and documentation on BiWaze Cough here.

Or download the bench study with the button below.


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