About us

Porta Medical sees itself as the “Gateway For Innovation ” in medical technology. Our team is driven by the passion to establish innovative products fast and targeted in the market. Based on deep product knowledge as well as clinical understanding, we contribute to therapy optimization. 

In over 20 years of experience, especially in the field of respiratory medicine, we have learned that at the end of every product is a patient’s life. Our daily activities are therefore geared towards the needs of patients and our customers. We make them our top priority.

Why choose us as AAL partner?

We have already gained relevant experience in various projects. Besides a small project through Innosuisse, we are working on a large Portuguese government project. Here, the goal is to continuously monitor especially chronically ill, post covid patients and other risk patients. Our CIRCUL ring is used here. (More detailed information about the ring can be found further down the page in the “Download” section. ) In addition, we are working in close partnership with the University of Bern, which is also interested in participating in your project.


In view of the advancing digitalization of the healthcare sector, topics such as “telemonitoring” are also gaining considerable importance. However, the question of the most suitable implementation is also becoming increasingly important.

We see the CIRCUL ring here as the necessary step in the right direction. Probably the biggest problem with telemonitoring is patient compliance. It is essential that the patient is provided with an easy-to-use and non-intrusive terminal device for continuous monitoring. “Continuous” is the next sticking point. While most wearables only provide spot snapshots, the CIRCUL Ring measures oxygen saturation, pulse, movement and a baseline temperature 100 times per second.

Contact us

We are highly interested and motivated to support you in your project. Therefore we would be pleased about a first personal contact.
You are welcome to contact us via the following contact details and arrange a first meeting.

Email: info@porta-medical.com
Phone: +49 (0)800 7879654
Mobil: +49 (0)1517 2127355


You can download more information about the CIRUCL ring by clicking the download button below. Included are some product pictures as well as some studies and internal tests with the CIRCUL ring.